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Ewe Medieval costume
This post is more about sharing some 'off the wall' images which we love. Had a fab time in Digbeth, met some lovely suppliers and ate too much Pizza from the wood fired oven. Oh well. It was chilly so felt we needed to keep up our core temperature by eating and drinking far too much tea!
So, this is a shout out to Rosie from for some amazing graffiti shots. Well it went more along the lines of 'you, me, camera are off for a wander....bring your sword' Well, as Ive never been propositioned like this before I didn't feel it was the day to say the usual 'I HATE having my picture taken' off we wandered. And then these crackers turned up. But, you know what, we did that much gabbing I didn't even notice the camera clicking away. So yeah, if your anything like me get Rosie in for your Photography. An absolute star.
Ewe Medieval costume
Secondly... for cakes, bread, edible 'things' and more importantly, detail. Just when you think you've seen everything the wedding cake industry can throw at you- and let's be honest, these days they really set the bar high-along comes a cake, or rather a range of cakes to blow your mind. In fact her work was so good I visited her stand three times over the weekend to feast my eyes. And it's not just wedding cakes, just visit her website and look at the bottles of JD made in bread. It's all on another level!
Lastly, 'Heavy Beat Brass Band' a group of musicians playing Trombone, drums and sousaphone. Or rather a load of young lads blowing and banging whatever came to hand. Seriously, I could've watched and listened to them all day. Loud, big and brilliant and completely stole the show. Head over to Facebook and watch some of their video's.....they'll blow your mind!!
Ewe medieval costume
Basically, this post is to say I didn't actually do much work at all Saturday or Sunday. We setup the stand, carefully placed our leaflets, got kitted out in frocks and armour and sneakily found the nearest kettle. Im sure we were there to get some sales but in truth, there was far too much other stuff going on and I had to beat James at Mario cart (I failed) so sorry to those of you who visited to talk serious wedding stuff. Scratch that, this was a show about the lighter side of wedding planning and it that respect it was a winner.

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