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Medieval Crockery and Prop Hire

How about room or table decoration? Or both! We stock a complete range of tableware and crockery suitable for Medieval Weddings and Events, from wooden spoons to complete suits of armour.
All items can be hired individually or take advantage of our nationwide setup service and let us transform your venue. We stock wooden platters & bowls, swords, tablecloths, goblets & tankards, candlesticks & candles, earthenware jugs, medieval heraldic bunting & flags, medieval cakestand and caketoppers, centrepiece helmets, thrones and benches, daggers, breadbaskets, wooden spoons, tablerunners, shields, folded napkins, gothic archways, flamelamps, wooden pillars, confetti cannons and much more!

Individual Prop and Tableware hire

Medieval Room Dressing
Room and Table Setup packages

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