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Individual Prop and Tableware hire

All tableware and props below are available to hire individually. These can be collected from our premises, sent via courier* or delivered on one of our vans. All prices below include VAT @ 20%. *Not all props/tableware are available by courier.


Medieval throne
Medieval Thrones for a grand banquet
Complete with colour coordinated embroidered cushions.
£70 each to hire
Carved Throne
Carved Medieval Throne
Medium Carved Throne
£60 to hire
Medieval throne
  Mini Faux Leather thrones 4 foot tall
£25.00 each to hire

  Padded Stools
£12.00 each to hire
Velvet chair covers medieval style   Chaircovers in deep red with sash.
£2.50 each to hire.

Chaircovers in Bottle green with sash
£2.50 each to hire
  Chaircovers in Purple with sash
£2.50 each to hire
wooden benches
Wooden benches stained and varnished. 6ft long. Seat 3 people comfortably. £11.00 each to hire.
Faux leather benchpads £6.00 each to hire
Barrel table

Barrel table

Barrel Bar tables
£15.00 each to hire

Tableware and Drinksware

6 Inch wooden plate Wooden Plate 6" 6" Wooden Plates
60p each
Wooden 9 inch plate Wooden plates 9 inch 9" Wooden Plates
70p each
wooden plates wooden plates 12" Wooden Plates
80p each
Wooden bowls Wooden bowls Small Wooden Bowls
80p each
wooden bowls wooden bowls Medium Wooden Bowls
90p each
Large Wooden Bowl Large Wooden Bowls
£2.50 each
Wooden Trenchers Wooden Trenchers

Serving Trenchers Wood
Inside measurements 16" x 7"
£3.00 each to hire

Oak serving platter Wooden serving platter

Oblong Wooden Oak Serving Platters
12" long
£2.00 each to hire

Wooden Ring serving platter Wooden rustic serving platter Rustic Wood Ring Serving Platters
£2.00 each to hire
Butter dish Butterdish Pot Bowls extra small
30p each
Pot bowls Medium
80p each
Pot Bowls Large Pot Bowls Large
stainess steel tankards stainless steel tankards Tankards.
Stainless Steel 1pint Tankard
£1.20 each to hire

Goblet. Stainless steel.
Approx. 6" high and hold 220mls.
80p to hire.
Water Drinking Vessle .
Earthenware small cup suitable for water or wine. Hold approx. 200mls.
80p each to hire.
Mead shot pots Mead shot pot Meadpots Shot. Earthenware shot cup suitable for mead. Hold approx 80mls.
60p to hire
Cups. Earthenware with handle
80p each to hire

1/4 Pint £1.00
1/2 Pint £1.50
1 Pint £2.00
2 Pint £2.50
3 Pint £3.50

Wine cooler WIne cooler Wine Coolers
Fill with Ice and off to go!
Wooden handled knives.
25p each to hire.
Wooden handled forks.
25p each to hire.
Wooden spoons.
25p each to hire.
Serving Spoons Serving spoons Serving spoons.
Wooden 11''-12'' 80p each
Metal 80p each
Folder Jestershoe napkins
Cream linen.
80p each to hire
Cream tablecloths   Flatcloths.
84" x 84"
£4.50 each to hire.
Tablecloth gold   Flatcloths.
Old Gold
84" x 84"
£4.50 each to hire.
Tablecloth red Red tablecloth Flatcloths.
84" x 84"
£4.50 each to hire.
Tablecloth Purple Purple Tablecloth Flatcloths.
Royal Purple
84" x 84"
£4.50 each to hire.
Tablecloth lilac   Flatcloths.
84" x 84"
£4.50 each to hire.
Tablecloth green Green Tablecloth Flatcloths.
Forest Green
84" x 84"
£4.50 each to hire.
Large 10 foot by 12" wide
£4.50 each to hire.
Available in Burgundy or Green
Small 3' by 10" £3.50 each to hire
Available in reds, purples and greens.
Bread and fruit baskets.
@ 16"diameter
£2.50 to hire


6 " candlestick decorated with Ivy.
£1.50 to hire.
10" candlestick decorated with Ivy.
£2.00 to hire.
Five tier candlestick decorated with Ivy
@ 20" (not inc candle height)
£8.50 to hire.
32" free standing candlestick
32" candlestick closeup
32" candlestick with silk ivy.
£7.00 to hire

Large Candlesticks with Fruitbowl
£25.00 to hire.
Maypole Chandelier Maypole Chandelier Maypole Chandeliers
£25.00 each to hire
Medieval Lantersn Lanterns Medieval Lanterns
with LED wax Candle
LED candles LED Candles

LED Candles
Ideal for venues who won't allow naked flames.
£1.25 each to hire


Burgundy and Gold Medieval Pennant with Unicorn Red Pennant

Burgundy and Gold Pennants
£12.00 each to hire with wooden Pole
£25.00 each to hire with rams head floor stand (as shown)

Medieval pennant with the tree of life Medieval tree of life pennant Green and Gold Pennants
£12.00 each to hire with wooden Pole
£25.00 each to hire with rams head floor stand (as shown)
Purple Pennant Purple Pennant Purple and Gold Pennants
£12.00 each to hire with wooden Pole
£25.00 each to hire with rams head floor stand (as shown)
Fleur De Lys Pennant in red and gold
Fleur de Lys Pennant in red and gold
Burgundy Fleur de Lys Pennants
£12.00 each to hire with wooden Pole
£25.00 each to hire with rams head floor stand (as shown)
Flags on poles
Measure approx 3' x 2.5' .
Available in Creams, Burgundies, Greens, Purples and Blues.
To hire £8.00
Wooden Shiled Wooden Shield Wooden five foot shields in Bronze & Black
Overall height
Come on stands
To hire £18.00
King Arthur Shield

King Arthur Shield.
Steel and Brass with handle on the back.
Measures approx.
£ 12.00 to hire.
Scottish Targe   Scottish Targe
Wooden with stand
Measures approx.
£12.00 to hire
Pumpkins Hagrids pumpkins Large Pumpkins £15.00 each to hire
Small Pumpkins £10 each to hire
Hagrids garden comes to life
Medieval Cakestand
Medieval cakestand

Medieval Cakestand
Resin cast 'Knights of the round table' around the base. Top diameter is 12". Cakes with a wider base can easily be accommodated by a cake board.
To hire £55



40" high, 30" wide
£55 to hire
Top section can be removed.

Castle Turret

Castle Turret table centre*
Another great table centre with a candlestick on top. Approx. height 12" tall. Base is 6" square.
Top can be supplied with LED light up raffia balls or fill with your own fruit.
To Hire £25.00

Helmet tablecentre

Pigfaced helmet on Stand with candle
Ideal table centres to add height.
Approx height 18"
To hire £25.00
Hogs head Hogshead
£40 to hire
Fibreglass horse with full livery
£150 to hire
Vanessa the Boar

Hogwarts House
32" high with card slot.
£55 to hire

Cartwheels Cartwheels

£15.00 each to hire

Swordrack with Swords
£120 to hire
Treasure chest with padlock
Ideal for cards/favours etc.
To hire £30.00

Lectern. Stained wood
Suitable for tableplans, guest books and much more.
Overall height width
£15.00 to hire.
Freestanding suits of Armour*
Standing tall at over 6' and make a perfect backdrop for photographs.
To Hire £120
Covered Wagon Wagon covered for sweet or dessert cart

Covered Wagon
7ft tall with uplighting
Hire as a sweet cart or dessert cart
£225.00 to hire

Made in polymer clay then baked to preserve.
Choose to either hire a pre made model at £35 or have one sculpted to fit your theme at £325.
Medieval bunting to hire Medieval bunting in red and gold Swallowtail Bunting.
Range of colours such as red and gold, green and ivory, purple and ivory, blue and cream.
3 sections per metre £1.00 metre.

Medieval wooden stocks
Overall height @ 4 foot
Made in solid pine.
To hire £40.00

15ft Backdrop with flamelamps
Finish off the room dressing in style. Set of 8 uplighters, mains operated. PAT certs.
£120 per set.

Discounts of up to 50% available on tableware and room dressing packages to any MOD events, summer or Christmas or ring for further details. Terms and conditions apply.


Collection in Person- Is FREE!! By appointment only, 7 days a week between 10am and 6pm. We also offer late night appointments on Tuesday and Thursday evenings till 9pm. We're floating about monday till friday, but due to the nature of our work, please ring to make sure we're open before traveling.
Courier Delivery and Collection- Ideal for smaller quantities. Get in touch with your wish list and we'll send you a quote.

Van Delivery-Due to the weight, size and/or fragility of some items courier delivery/collection can sometimes become uneconomical and impractical and we now offer a delivery and collection service which is 50p per mile, from our showroom. We use AA route planner so to work this out our postcode is LL21 0HB. Please enquire by email or telephone for further details .Minimum order of £200 for this service excluding delivery/collection charge. No maximum order value.

Van and Trailer Delivery- Table and bench hire only. Due to the volume in our tables and benches, we're limited to the amount of benches we can carry in our standard van. If your order includes tables and benches then the delivery charge per mile is 90p. Please email or ring and we'll get an accurate quote sent over.

If your unsure what you'll need to dress your room then why not have a look at our Setup packages on this website. We've put together 3 packages which can be mixed and matched to suit your event. These include staff to setup and dismantle everything so there no need to worry about who'll help at 1am repacking all the hired goods and clearing your venue!!! We take care of all this for you.

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