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You needn't any longer feel like a backdrop to your bride, but can wear all things masculine, leather, suede, swords and armour. Our range of groomswear can include full suits of armour and chainmail, swords and helmets or can be a wonderfully simple shirt and jerkin. Our costume designers can incorporate family crests, occupational logos or even football emblems onto tabards and surcoats for a truly individual costume!
Here's a few suggestions that we hope will fulfill everyman's dream. Prices to hire start from £95 to £245. Some styles below we also recommend for Bestmen, Ushers and other important guests.


Our interpreation of Boromir from Lord of the Rings. Full costume including armcaps and bootcovers. Heavily embroidered underjacket with the halfsleeve, green faux suede overjacket with embroidered and beaded edge.


Suits of Armour, Sheriff and Knight Selection

Choose from an array of different style tabards and surcoats. With or without armour. Chainmail, swords and daggers.
Suits of Armour...Well, our most popular version is in fact only a half suit, lightweight and made of aluminium. Comes with colour co-ordinated tabard which is decorated with heraldic artwork and celtic knots. Can be designed to include your own family emblem, crests of arms or even your favourite footie team. Worn here with a chain mail coif and a studded leather collar. Finish off your outfit with our full sized shield, swords and plumed helmet!

Red and gold short tabard. This one here depicts Liverpools famour Liverbirds on the front chest

Blue and gold surcoat with a large celtic knot emblazoned on the front. Medium length with half sleeve.

Burgundy and gold surcoat with a large celtic knot emblazoned on the front. Medium length with half sleeve.

Half suit of armour with the long length tabard in purple. Large gold, bronze and black celtic knot on the front.
Below is a few more images, some with armour, others with leather. Basically, all our tabards and jerkins can be styled to suit you. All mens costume consist of many parts which can be mixed and matched to suit the event, weather and your own personality.. More are being added all the time as this page is work in progress. If you don't see what you want, then please get in touch and further shots can be sent over by email.

Black and Silver Forestman

Black King Richard

Celina and Pete.....married at Ruthin Castle. Groom wears our green Forestman
Suit of Armour Medieval Knight Medeival groomswear back sword

Design your own

As we make all our own costumes here, the range of possibilities is pretty much endless. Have your own heraldry appliqued and embroidered on any style of tabard or Jacket. Here is a couple of samples below. Prices on the made to measure tabard start from £140 to £700.


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