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Viking Wedding

Viking Weddings

It's only been 18 months since we started on 'all things Viking'
But, this week, we're into the last few days of getting the backdrop and table centres finished....whoop!!! We *should* have some shots to show you by mid August so keep your eyes peeled!

Published July 2019 by Jill


Ireland Uplighting

Ireland April Trip

This was our 2nd trip over the Irish sea in 2019. And as usual, the whole 4 days was spent deciding on where to eat next lol! Because, in truth, Ireland really knows how to knock up a bowl of Chowder and soda bread.
In between the highlights of eating, we worked with the Irish DMC's to transform the walled gardens of Dromoland Castle for a group of US guests. The uplit tree lined avenue guided the guests to dinner in a fully kitted out, Medieval style marquee.

Published April 2019 by Bedwyn

Borthwick castle

Mary Queen of Scots

To celebrate the newly released movie, Borthwick Castle nr. Edinburgh opened their doors to a truly magical evening of fine dining in their great hall. It's a Castle like no other. So, if you're looking for an exclusive venue we'd highly recommend booking an appointment for a viewing

Published Jan 2019 by Jill

Spring Equinox

Beast from the East Part II

Friday 16th March-tshirts, sunny, calm
Saturday 17th March-thermals, boots, snow and minus 2
OK so yes we knew it was going to hit, but twas still a *bit* of a surprise saturday morning. We had 50 hungry guests to feed a 3 course Medieval banquet to and a beautiful brick and timber barn to on the image for more

Published March 2018 by Jill

Medieval wedding at Ruthin Castle

Ruthin Castle Medieval wedding

After 3 years planning, we finally kicked off the summer with the wedding of Richard and Helen. Just a small group of 40 friends and family descended upon the glorious Ruthin Castle who hosted the civil ceremony and one of their world famous Medieval Banquets. What a fabulous day, full of fun and festivities, mead and well, more mead! We had a blast, the guests were well up for all of it and it truly was a wonderful celebration. Click on the pic for more images.....

Published Jan 2018 by James

All About Ewe wedding fair

Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza

We came. We saw. We conquered.
This post is more about sharing some 'off the wall' images which we love. Had a fab time in Digbeth, met some lovely suppliers and ate too much Pizza from the wood fired oven. Oh well. It was chilly so felt we needed to keep up our core temperature by eating and drinking far too much tea!
So, this is a shout out to Rosie from for some amazing graffiti shots. Well it went more along the lines of 'you, me, camera are off for a wander....bring your sword' Well, as I've never image for more

Published December 2017 by Jill


Pumpkin Season

It's suddenly gone from 'back to school' to Halloween and this year we've got a record number of Halloween and Autumnal events and weddings booked. The banquet and catering side is also moving over to fruit crumbles and hearty stews. Last week saw the first of these events with our giant pumpkins making an appearance to a private garden party. The weather was OK and the teepee provided plenty of cover during showers. All in all a great event to kick start Autumn fest! We've also invested in battery powered uplighting this year so it's time to embrace the great British October and keep on partying like it 1499. Make the most of what in my opinion is the most beautiful season of the year, falling leaves and still a warm breeze. As long as you're prepared for wet weather and darkness all good!

Published 13th October 2017 by Dobbie xxxxx


The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza

11th & 12th November 2017 at The Bond, Birmingham
We're booked in and paid up...and boy are we looking forward to this show. It's been years and years since we've done an 'official' wedding fair. But not through lack of want or funds or enthusiasm. It's just, they're all a bit 'samey'. And unless you fall into a traditional or standard category we struggle. Let's be honest if you've come along to a wedding fair to find waistcoats for your groom I'm not sure you'll be overly impressed with armour and chainmail!
Then we found this show.
And it's ticking all the boxes for our type of clientele.
So, book your tickets here and head over to see us and so many other off the wall wedding suppliers. You'll find me, in full costume, floating about near the cake stands with my mouth watering. James is there in armour, Trish will be there too so stop by for a chat and say hi.

Published 22nd September 2017 by Jill xxxxx

Blowin in the wind

Blowin' in the wind....

So, its a question that you all want to know the answer to but very few ask. And the answer is simply YES. Every shirt, pair of pants, socks and frocks are all washed, ironed and steamed after every hire. EVERY HIRE. Because in truth, I wouldn't want to wear a garment that had been partied in all night long. It's the same with hotel beds. You really wouldn't think twice about expecting clean, fresh sheets and towels so why any different with costume? Theatrical and film costumes in the past has been worn, smelly and sweaty, but we've hit the 21st century and modern day fabrics can all be fully laundered. No if's, no but's.
So how? Well, quite simply in a good old fashioned twin tub, elbow grease and lots of love. Even the most intricately beaded costumes can go in. Turn inside out, pop in a cotton pillowcase and let it ride the waves.
With what? Depends what colour/fragrance we fancy at the time. Bold, Surf,'s like pick and mix.
Drying? the breeze and sunshine. In winter, it's a bit trickier but we have high driers, dehumidifiers and a little heat. Give them 24hrs are they're bone dry.
Ironing/Steaming? It takes time. But the process of steaming each inch by hand allows us to check for stubborn stains and wear and tear so you could say it's two birds, one stone.
And on a sunny May day like today there really isn't anything better than seeing a full washing like of costumes, gently swaying in the breeze.

Published 7th May 2017 by Jill xxxxx

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