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So, its a question that you all want to know the answer to but very few ask. And the answer is simply YES. Every shirt, pair of pants, socks and frocks are all washed, ironed and steamed after every hire. EVERY HIRE. Because in truth, I wouldn't want to wear a garment that had been partied in all night long. It's the same with hotel beds. You really wouldn't think twice about expecting clean, fresh sheets and towels so why any different with costume? Theatrical and film costumes in the past has been worn, smelly and sweaty, but we've hit the 21st century and modern day fabrics can all be fully laundered. No if's, no but's.
So how? Well, quite simply in a good old fashioned twin tub, elbow grease and lots of love. Even the most intricately beaded costumes can go in. Turn inside out, pop in a cotton pillowcase and let it ride the waves.
With what? Depends what colour/fragrance we fancy at the time. Bold, Surf,'s like pick and mix.
Drying? the breeze and sunshine. In winter, it's a bit trickier but we have high driers, dehumidifiers and a little heat. Give them 24hrs are they're bone dry.
Ironing/Steaming? It takes time. But the process of steaming each inch by hand allows us to check for stubborn stains and wear and tear so you could say it's two birds, one stone.
And on a sunny May day like today there really isn't anything better than seeing a full washing like of costumes, gently swaying in the breeze.

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