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Childrens Costumes

For the little guys and gals in our lives! For the mini people in life, we've tried and tested each design to ensure it looks as good at the end of the day as it did at the beginning. For boys we mainy do the 'Mini Knight' style which is a smaller version of the big boys kit. Black or cream shirt, black School pants which are elasticated for easy wear, mini tabard, collar, armcaps and belt. Stick on their school shoes, a plastic sword and off to go!!!
For girls, mini Princesses are what they all want to be. So thats what we've done. We've shortened their hems to ankle length so whe they're legging it off chasing peacocks their frocks don't get in the way. Sleeves we keep simple and a mini 'orle' style headdress finishes off the look. Available in most colours, avoiding anything too dark so black is off the list. The lilac and purple are by far the most popular choices, closely followed by the red and pale blue. A few shots below will give you some ideas what to expect.

Charlotte Medieval Gown
Medieval costume in Red
Childresn Hermione Medieval costume Childs Costume in Red and Gold
Beca being a ninjaPurple Medieval childrens costume
The BEFORE shot....yep I'm 7 and just loading up my gun ready to shoot the next knight who comes along....
The AFTER shot...I'm Beca, I'm 7 and I want to be a princess when I'm older
Medieval childrens costumes
A huge thankyou goes out to Will, Amy, Beca Boo and John.

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